World typography specialists

Rosetta addresses the needs of global typography. Together with our collaborators we create original fonts for a polyphonic world. Our work has been featured and awarded. But most importantly it has enabled people to read better in their native language.

So far our retail library supports pan-European Latin, Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Cyrillic (besides Slavic languages we also support many Asian languages), Inuktitut, and Indic scripts like Gujarati and Devanagari. In total, the library covers more than 200 languages.

Besides presenting proprietary, retail and custom, work on our website, we are sharing our open-source/libre fonts and tools on GitHub.

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Latin + Devanagari type family with 5 weights

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Yrsa & Rasa

Latin & Gujarati type families with 5 weights

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Quick and dirty Python script to track multiple Git repositories and easily fetch updates

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post-production scripts

Publicly available command-line tools used for post-production of Rosetta fonts

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